Saturday, August 25, 2012

Florida visit by grandbabies

For some reason I was not able to get into my blog site for the longest time. My computer would freeze every time I put in a blog address for some reason. Anyway, since i am able to get back in, I will be posting again from time to time. I took these pictures off the internet from Ari, because I wanted to record the wonderful visit I had with them, about how precious it was to have my two little grandsons visit the beach with me here in Florida. They are adorable and love life. Unfortunately I was quite ill (with Strep and pneumonia) when they came to visit, but it was to their advantage because I moved at their pace and could only sit on the sand and play with them, so we got to know each other famously. So much so that I was amazed when I called Ariana after they got back and when Noah heard my voice he gave out a delighted whoop.
P.S. I loved having Ariana and Derick too :)